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Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  We are very excited to have you and your children as part of the Philadelphia Family.  As we set high expectations with rigorous and effective academic programs that are directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards, we see that teaching and learning is now more complex.  Students must show us more often what they learn. They must write across all content areas and have the opportunity to discuss and analyze their thinking and reasoning. As always, our Philadelphia staff is committed to working with students and their families as a team.  Our teachers are committed to building critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity into our educational program.


As the demands and complexities of teaching children has increased, it becomes evident that we all need to work together so that our students reach their fullest potential.  We believe that all of us - the school and the community – must work together in an extended family environment to ensure success for all our students. Research demonstrates that parent participation in their child’s school coincides with a greater likelihood of academic success for their child.  With that in mind, you are invited to be an active participant at Philadelphia Elementary School. Being part of the PTA allows you to stay connected with the school, to be an advocate for change and progress at Philadelphia, and to promote educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement.


I am thrilled at the opportunity to get to know all of you and engage in the educational process together. The elementary years are critical times of development for students and families alike, and I look forward to working with all of you to make this year successful.




Ms. Castaneda, Principal